Thumbs Up for Henry Allergy from Helen

Helen from Holmes Chapel suffers from a cat allergy. The tricky thing is, she’s a cat lover and can’t bear to part with her beloved pet cat!

With a busy home, including 3 young boys, Helen constantly find herself vacuuming to keep on top of the dust, cat allergens and general grub!

Here’s what happened when Henry Allergy joined Helen’s household…


“Whoopeeee! The Henry Allergy has arrived and what perfect timing! We’re just back from the vets and the ancient cat is ‘stress moulting’ and our carpenter is here making a mess, I mean boxing in some pipes. I can feel my chest tightening a bit as I am allergic to our cat, but as we’ve had her longer than we’ve had our children, it’s just something I grin and bear. I’ll have a puff on my inhaler to tide me over and have a go at putting the new toy into action…

First impressions: love the colour (I’m shallow like that!), love love love the length of the cable, good basic accessories and wow! The suction was amazing, like super powerful compared to our fairly new [other vacuum cleaner brand]. Another positive was that my vacuum phobic 3 year old was very taken with the smiley face of Henry and didn’t scream the place down when I started to use it, despite it being noisier than our [current vacuum cleaner].

I wasn’t sure which of the heads to use so started with the thinner one. Took a bit of getting used to the way it swivels and I felt like my arms were getting a decent work out, but I loved the way it got right up to the edges of skirting and kitchen units, without me having the go over those areas with one of the tools like I currently do.

The thinner head was great for reaching a decent way under the sofas as, I’ll confess, I’m no domestic goddess who pulls the furniture out each time. I used the small brush tool to run along my picture rails. It took a bit of brute force to swap the heads over but that may be me being a weakling (see above for my arms workout!).

A big test for the suction was our rug of doom. We have one of those shaggy rugs, the ones where you can lose Lego pieces for good. We currently have to turn it upside down and give it a shake, but the Henry was able to tackle it.

Really pleased overall. We’ve had a succession of [other vacuum cleaner brand] for years now so it takes a bit of adapting to a different machine, but it’s a big thumbs up so far. I’ve not felt wheezy since using it, which I would usually after a trip to the vets and the building dust.”

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Helen was selected to review Henry Allergy as part of our product tester search on the MyHenry Facebook Page.

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