The Less Dust and Allergens the Better

Danielle has spent numerous nights in hospital in recent years with her 7 year old son, who suffers from severe asthma. Worsened by allergens found hiding all around the home, asthma has had a huge impact on his life.

Looking for ways to make life easier, the family’s Healthcare Consultant has advised Danielle to vacuum her son’s room as much as possible to help keep allergens under control.

We know just the vacuum for the job…


“My 7 year old son has always suffered terribly with asthma. One of the recommendations that his consultant has made to us in order to try to prevent any further flare ups was to keep his bedroom as clean and free of dust as possible. So when I heard that Numatic UK were launching an Allergy Hoover and that we had been chosen to be sent one of the first Henry Allergy Hoovers off of the production line to trial, I was intrigued to find out more and see if it would help at all.

I’ve always used a bagless vacuum in the past so one of my main concerns with using a Henry Hoover was that it would be messy to change the bag or that it would need changing frequently making vacuuming (already one of my least favourite chores) even more of a hassle. This couldn’t be further from the truth though. The bags seem to last for ages before you need to change them and even when they do fill up and require a change it is so easy to do that even my toddler could do it!

With three children in the house I seem to do a LOT of hoovering and we have both carpeted, hard wood and tiled floors throughout the house, which can make hoovering an even more onerous task. However, Henry Allergy comes equipped with a selection of tools to use on a variety of surfaces. My favourite has got to be the free flo tool for hard floors though. It is by far the best vacuum tool I have used on my hard wood floor and tiles. It doesn’t miss a crumb and is easily manoeuvred around the floor. Its thin design also means that it can reach right under areas that are hard to get to such as under the fridge and cooker.


I’ve loved using Henry Allergy over the past couple of months and would love to be able to report that Henry Allergy has had a positive impact on my son’s asthma. Unfortunately, it is a time of year that is particularly bad for his asthma and I haven’t yet noticed an improvement in his condition. However, I do believe that Henry Allergy is the most effective dust removing vacuum that I’ve used to-date and for my son this can only be a good thing as it really is a matter of ‘the less dust and allergens around the better’.”

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Danielle was selected to review Henry Allergy as part of our product tester search on the MyHenry Facebook Page.

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