Henry & Henry!

We always love to hear your Henry stories and about what Henry means to you. So, when we heard about the part Henry played in helping Mark and Isabel Lawrence decide on a name for their baby, we just had to share it with you!

Not knowing whether they were expecting a little boy or a little girl, thinking of names was tricky… especially thinking of names that the couple both agreed on!

During this time, Isabel began to suffer from morning sickness, and would often hide away from her colleagues under the stairs in her coffee shop. Luckily, Henry was there to keep her company!

One evening, not knowing about Isabel’s little companion, Mark came home from work and suggested the name “Henry”.

“That fits perfectly!” said Isabel, as she told him about Henry, who’d been keeping her company at the coffee shop.

The days and weeks passed, and finally the time came to meet their little baby. Anxiously waiting, Mark and Isabel heard the overwhelming news that they had a beautiful, healthy, baby boy.

So there he was, Master Henry Antony Lawrence, born 13th October 2015, weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce.

Here’s Henry celebrating his 3rd birthday with lots of goodies from his namesake. We can’t help but notice they have the very same cheeky smile!



  1. My grandsons called Henry also and your so right that smile must be on all Henry’s. Cheeky or mischievous or horrid Henry always up to something. Lol

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