Henry Allergy joins the Baxter Family

Emma from Lisburn loves to vacuum, and it’s a good thing too, seeing as her husband suffers from asthma and a dog allergy!

To make things worse, the family dog BoBo (a Pomeranian) leaves long hairs all over the place… and that’s not to mention their two boys, aged 3 and 8 months, who are always creating crumbs!

To keep the home clean and safe for her family, Emma vacuums the whole house every morning, as well as spot cleaning throughout the day.

Well, with all of this to contend with, we thought it sounded like Emma could really use some help with the housework.

Send in Henry Allergy!


“There was more excitement than on Christmas day in the Baxter household – we were told that Henry vacuum would be delivered that morning! My toddler wanted to make sure that Henry received a warm welcome into our family.


We couldn’t wait to get started! I like to dust my furniture with a vacuum first before polishing so that I can reduce the dust in my home. I switched on Henry and was pleasantly surprised at how quiet he was. The bristles on the dusting tool were soft enough to get into every nook and cranny, sucking up every last bit of dust. I particularly liked this tool for my skirting boards, picture frames and light fixtures. Next, was the sofa. The crevice tool easily got between the seat cushions and the litter picker tool made a thorough job of dusting the rest of the sofa.

We have a Pomeranian dog named BoBo, who has the most beautiful, long, tan coat. When decorating, we decided to go with hard floors throughout the bottom of the house as BoBo sheds daily. This is where Henry shines – I attached the hard floor head and began to vacuum. The head fits into each corner perfectly and lifts every bit of dust and hair. It performed equally well on my textured floor tiles and wooden floors. The floors felt really clean – I was impressed!

I washed the floors and I was on to the next job – the stairs. The litter picker tool is the perfect size for this job. The hose is long enough to reach halfway up the stairs before you have to start carrying the vacuum or place it on the landing. Henry is light enough to easily carry up and down the stairs.

Next was the carpeted bedrooms and landing. Henry has a very long power lead – I was able to vacuum all the rooms upstairs without having to unplug. Using the carpet head attachment, I vacuumed the bedrooms. There is a suction control adjustment on the hose should you need to use it for longer/thicker carpets. Henry did a really thorough job on removing any fluff from the carpet and really lifting the pile. I was able to get my perfect carpet vacuum lines!

The first impression of Henry was a very good one. He had done a thorough job of cleaning and had a tool for every job.

Having two toddlers, Henry was about to be put through his paces in our everyday lives. My kids (and husband) seem to love food that produce masses of crumbs – toast, biscuits, dry cereal, rice cakes… the list goes on. […] The hard floor tool lifts up every crumb with just one sweep; it doesn’t push the mess around and I don’t have to vacuum over the same spot again and again to get it to lift.

The bane of my existence (and I’m sure many other parents) has to be play dough… It’s so crumbly and sticky! My previous vacuum really struggled with picking up the crumbles, I would end up having to lift it with my fingers and feed it into the vacuum. With the hard floor attachment, one sweep and they were lifted. For this alone, Henry received a gold star from me.

I’ve been using Henry for weeks now. Both my husband and I have noticed that there is less dust in the house. Henry’s additional post motor filter really does a good job and the air feels cleaner after using him. Come springtime, this will really help with pollen and other allergens.

Henry is a pleasure to use. I LOVE the fact that I can quickly wind up the power lead and store all his attachments at his base. My children love his friendly appearance and he is part of our family now.”

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Emma was selected to review Henry Allergy as part of our product tester search on the MyHenry Facebook Page.

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